What is the TEACH FLEET?

TEACH FLEET is an acronym for Technology’s Effects and Contributions Highlighted for Learning Ecological Environmental Topics. In other words how do ships interact with the environment.

  • It’s the world’s largest LEGO® ship fleet with over 200 ships
  • It’s a LEGO®  based educational outreach program that conducts displays of our LEGO® ship fleet with biographies of female and minority STEM contributors.
  • It’s a LEGO®  based hands on STEM program that conducts “Build-A-Ship” workshops of our 17 different LEGO® ship kits of different ships related different environmentl science topics.
  • The TEACH FLEET also builds custom LEGO® ship replicas upon request for organizations, and institutions, organizations, and individuals.

Why use LEGO ships?

We use LEGO® because it is the world’s most popular toy. Everyone has used or is familar with them. Our TEACH FLEET LEGO® ship displays appeal to all ages, and our “Build-A-Ship” workshops are also popular with all ages.

We’ve exhibited and displayed the TEACH FLEET; and also conducted workshops at universities, colleges, private schools, public schools, science museums, maritime museums, children’s museums, coast day & earth day events, National Maritime Days, fairs, festivals, and LEGO® conventions.

What We Do

  • STEM, Career, and Diversity K-12 School Assemblies and Programs
  • Maritime, Science and Children’s Museum Exhibitions and Programs
  • Special Events, Fairs, and Festivals (LEGO® Brick Fests)

Who We Are

The Gospel Lightship Int’l Inc. was founded in 2004 as a 501(c)3 non-sectarian and non-partisan organization with a mission to bridge the digital divide between the underserved and underrepresented in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) careers.

Our partners:

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Who started the TEACH FLEET and why?

The Gospel Lightship was founded in 2004 by Rev. Wilbert McKinley Jr.  a minister and ship designer. It was started as a community faith-based youth outreach program.

Since Rev. McKinley’s background was in both ship design and christian education. The purpose of the Gospel Lightship is to demonstarte God’s love through youth education.

In 2009 he partnered with Baltimore City Public Schools and was awarded a 2 year $200,000 grant to conduct an after school program to encourage elementary and middle school students to pursue careers in transportation.

During the performance of the grant Rev. McKinley discovered that people of all ages love LEGO and God blessed him with a gift to build LEGO ships from scratch without directions or any previous LEGO building experience.

Since 2010 he has built over 200 LEGO ships, including replicas for maritime and educational organizations such as the Sandy Hook Pilots Assn of NY & NJ and S.U.N.Y. Maritime Academy.

Since 2010 the TEACH FLEET has visited universities, colleges, schools, museums, and libraries. It has provided countless opportunies to share his testimony to thousands.

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