The New Ad Targeting System

The contextual targeting system on Reddit is obsolete. Since September 2017 there is a new one, called behavior factor.

That means that now Reddit cares about quality, not quantity. What is more important now is how quickly ads reach the audience and what kind of audience sees them. These factors determine how much money is spent on advertising and how many conversions you get in total. Here is an example of a system change in numbers: your cost per acquisition (CPA) can go from $50 to $500.

A vivid living example is the owner of a medium-sized business, one of whose industries was the sale of dried fruits. Whereas previously the system for targeting ads on Reddit depended on context and on which subreddit a person was viewing at a particular moment, now it depends on what the user was looking for and viewing earlier.
In the settings, you can set up a certain option so that ads are shown only for a certain group. For example, the r/fruits subreddit will only have users interested in different kinds of fruit. Thus, only interested users will see these ads, which increases the chances of responses.

Those who know how to work with Reddit and behavioral factor get high response rates and good sales, investing less of their advertising budget.

Since Reddit’s innovations, the advertising system has focused on the quality of users, not pages. It has become behavioral. That is, ads now appear only to those who have previously viewed posts on the subreddit r/fruits.

A user who viewed the r/philosophy subreddit may see your ad in a сontextual advertising simply because he or she previously visited the r/fruit subreddit. Your views will increase quickly, but not the fact that they will be relevant to users at the moment. They may already be sitting in front of their monitor eating dried fruit while browsing the subreddit about philosophy.

It’s true that Reddit’s targeting system isn’t well-developed and needs improvement.
Good old hidden advertising on Reddit is still relevant and produces good results. Of course, you can’t advertise your product directly. But you can hide your advertising, under the guise of something interesting and of value. The value in your ads can be provided by offering important knowledge, coupons information or another type of personal deal or discount for Reddit users.
To make sure that your ads will see even more Redditors, you can use the website and get your post to the top.